Intermediate Microeconomics (ECN 100B)

I teach the Econ 100B course in the Winter/ Fall quarters. No text-book is required as the lecture notes are comprehensive. The syllabus, lecture notes, and other details are available on the Canvas website at the beginning of the quarter. Topics covered in ECN 100B include Monopoly, Monopolistic Competition, Factor Markets, Monopsony, Game Theory, Oligopoly, Externalities, Public Goods, Asymmetric Information, Choice under Uncertainty.

Graduate Behavioral Economics (ECN 203C)

This course introduces second year PhD students to the technical tools and empirical results which are being used to bridge modern economics with psychology and cognitive sciences. Topics covered include Order Theory, Rationality and its tests, Morality in the Market, Risk preferences, Heuristics and Biases, Subjective Beliefs and Ambiguity, Time preferences, Procrastination and Self Control, Preferences over Menus, Discrimination, Random Choice, K-level thinking, Other-regarding Preferences, and Bounded Rationality. You do not need to buy any books, lectures would be comprehensive, and all academic references used in lectures would be freely available online.

Making Better Choices (ECN 190B)

This is an introductory Behavioral/ Experimental Economics course taught at the upper-level Undergraduate level. Prerequisites include Intermediate Microeconomics, Game Theory and Introductory Statistics. We will introduce models in which agents’ behavior may deviate from rationality as defined in classical economics. We will learn the methodology for testing the assumptions and predictions of economic models. Either we will be able to confirm the predictions of the theories or we will find evidence that the theories are incomplete, usually because they are based on strong (but perhaps necessary) assumptions. You do not need to buy any books, lecture notes would be comprehensive. 

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